Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast

"Don’t fight the trail. Take what it gives you. . . "
- ultramarathon runner Caballo Blanco aka Micah True (Died April of 2012)
as quoted by Chris McDougall in the book BORN TO RUN

No lie. I wish writing were easier, but I make it harder than it has to be. I fight the trail. Recently, I've been working with a freelance editor. She's pushing me deeper into the work. She wants to know my motivations and intentions and the motivations and intentions of the people I've written about, many of whom are dead. I'm not sure I want to go where she's asking and I'm having trouble moving forward. I'm uncomfortable, tired, and grumpy. I haven't relaxed into the trail. Instead of leaning into the hills and letting go on the downsides, I'm grimacing, squealing and twirling. That's why I'm so uncomfortable.

When I'm ready to stop fighting, I'll just look down and see a path ahead of me. I don't have to like it, but it's the trail I'm on. It's time to relax into reality and continue working. I'm more likely to find the answers when I'm at the page.

Do you ever fight the trail? If so, please share your adventure. You may leave a comment by clicking the little "post a comment" link at the bottom of the page.



Of course I fight the trail. Most writers I know do.
It's more commonplace than I'd like to think.
I've just put my first novel on Kindle, titled VADA FAITH. A women's mainstream. About a WV girl who bites off more than she can chew when she becomes a surrogate mother.
Now that the paperbacks are almost finished, I'm working with Amazon Createspace, I need to get back on the trail. Instead I'm finding all sorts of reasons not to saddle up.
Excuses. I'm great at them.
However I've pulled out the next book which is over half finished and it doesn't read half bad. So
tomorrow I've promised myself at my house it will be writing Wednesday. I've set myself up to work and have told my husband. So now if I don't he'll remind me.
I will write but I'll fight that trail too.
Thanks for this one!
Blessings, Barb

Nita said...

Congrats on Vada Faith, Barb! That's fabulous. And thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone in my stubborness!

Laura H. said...

Hi, Nita!

Yes, so much of my life I've experienced the "I should be doing X instead of Y" or some version of fighting upsteam or feeling like I'm drowning instead of floating along or struggling for air instead of breathing deeply. I recently had an experience that came with a powerful message and I've felt so empowered and uplifted by it---Surrender to the ease and flow of being carried by the current of our lives.

I can live fearlessly and be myself. Seems so simple, freeing.

This may not be helpful right now, as the struggle seems to be part of the journey to ease and flow and it can shift back and forth on the outside...but to get to that sweet spot of internal contentment and be lifted by that...wow!

Best always,

Nita said...

Thanks, Laura. I really like the idea of surrender, but apparently, in practice, I don't!!! I just wrote that phrase "Surrender to the ease and flow of being carried by the current of our lives" on a piece of paper to put by my computer. Beautiful sentment!

Nita said...

BTW - The title of this essay is only part of the quotation. Here's more of the quote:

“Don’t fight the trail. Take what it gives you … Think easy, light, smooth and fast. You start with easy because if that’s all you get, that’s not so bad. Then work on light. Make it effortless, like you don’t give a sh*t how high the hill is or how far you’ve got to go. When you’ve practiced that so long that you forget you’re practicing, you work on making it smooooooth. You won’t have to worry about the last one — you get those three, and you’ll be fast.” - ultramarathoner Caballo Blanco (aka Micah True) (RIP)