Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How To Write a Book

I couldn't have said it better so I'm just going to link to a "mini-rant" posted by Patti Digh on Sheila Bender's website.

My personal favorite, "Sit the hell down and write." Amen, sista!


Marie R said...

Piracy! (just kidding.)

Loved "Sit the hell down and write," and also "Shut up about ideal conditions." I thought I could never write downstairs on the couch with BF. Then I tried it, and it was fine. Maybe not as productive as a quiet room, but still feasible.

Nita said...

I would be honored if someone linked one of my blog posts on their blog so I hope she (they?) take this as a compliment. And talk about suffering from the "ideal conditions" delusion. I convinced my husband to sell our house (and most of our belongings) and move to Taos, NM for three years because I thought I'd be able to write better there. Um. Where do I live now? Seems like it wasn't such a bright idea, eh?