Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Resolution #1

"Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual." - Mark Twain

I don't typically make resolutions, but I do accept challenges. This year I have accepted the challenge to read 50 books and watch 50 movies. You too can join at http://www.fiftyfifty.me/ It will be a stretch. According to goodreads.com, I read 27 books last year. According to my increasingly shoddy memory, I watched about 12 movies. Time to crank up the volume.

The folks at fiftyfifty.me encourage us to create majors and minors by choosing lists of books in different categories. I chose two groups: books for fun and books to study for writing.

In the "books for fun" category, I began New Year's Day by listening to part of The Night Circus on CD. It's steampunk full of magical realism and not my usual fare, but it was written during National Novel Writing Month a few years ago and came highly recommended by some of my best writer friends. So far I'm enjoying it. With a second-person prologue, it can't be all bad!

As the first book in the "books to study for writing" category, I chose The Leisure Seeker: A Novel which was recommended by a friend who's a former editor. Zadoorian wrote the novel as a way to harness the material provided by watching his parents age. My friend, now a literary consultant, suggested that the book might give me some insight on how to distance myself when writing about similar experiences with my parents. Only 59 pages in, I can see how Zadoorian mined what he knew to shape the characters.

What about you? Any writing-related resolutions on your agenda for 2012? As always, I'd love to hear about them.


JRoberts said...

I have resolved to write along with my students this year. My high school and college classes are now working in more of a workshop format, so I'm finding I do have a bit more time for sustained writing without getting up to answer student questions. I think my students will be interested to see me writing along with them.


My writing resolution is a simple one. Just write something every day. Doesn't matter what. I've been writing 20+ years and know where my failings are - I'm a procrastinator. Then in the last year I've had real health problems which add to the pot.
I promised myself to get my one finished novel on e book, Amazon Kindle by spring.
And to finish the novel on which I'm working.
I did see my name in print this week when The Dispatch used my first person essay on Sat, New Year's Eve. The thrill isn't as great as it used to be!
Blessings to you. Love your newsletter and your blog.

Nita said...

That's excellent, JRoberts! Leading by example. Besides, recent research shows that lectures don't work anyway. Get everybody writing!!!

Nita said...

@B. Whittington - CONGRATULATIONS! It was a nice essay! Here's a link for the others: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/life_and_entertainment/2011/12/31/good-life-hard-to-see-when-you-have-it.html And good for you going for writing every day. I can relate to the procrastination affliction. Good luck on your resolution.

babette said...

The movie part is easy--in fact it's been bum glue in two ways: I've been going to 2-3 movies per week for years, and 40 months ago I began my blog http://babetteflix.blogspot.com and have written about over 400 new movies (and a few old) in that time. I began it to help keep track of what I've seen because they do all run together after a while. Yes, I procrastinate a lot, too, which is why I won't even volunteer to get movie "reviews" done on deadline. Got all caught up yesterday, and will be seeing Mission Impossible tomorrow in IMAX. I've heard it will be painful for this acrophobe!

Nita said...

@Babette - Thanks for the link to your blog. I'll go check it since I'm still building my lists.

Anna said...

Hello! I'm interested in your reading list on Goodreads, would you add me as a friend? Anna, Columbus Oh

Nita said...

@Anna - I'm not sure how to find you on goodreads, but you can invite me - Nita Sweeney.