Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Time Out

"The world comes first; it's older, tougher, more subtle and more magnificent that anything made from language. So when I go wandering from the desk, I'm not avoiding work, as it might appear; I'm stitching my work to the earth." - Scott Russell Sanders

I've put myself on summer vacation. I haven't been writing anyway. Instead of fretting about it, I'm embracing it by running, swimming, socializing and shopping. And I don't feel guilty. Really. I don't. Well, that's what I tell myself and anyone who asks. Truth is, my books in progress don't agree. They're like three-year olds tugging at my sleeve when I'm trying to take a phone call. They gnaw at me even though I told myself (and them) this is a rest period. I chose this time off. But they're in their folders, on the computer, in boxes on the floor, in piles on the shelf whining, "When are you coming baa-aack?" I'll be back (I tell us all). But it's still summer. I've given myself until the last weekend of August when I have a writing retreat scheduled. That's the end of summer. Coincidentally, it will also be the end of my 40's. What a great way to celebrate, right? Write!

Do you take intentional breaks from writing? I'd love to hear how you handle "vacations." Please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I put the cat in a pet hotel, put my reference books back on the shelf, shut the computer down, and then I get in the car or on a plane and go far, far away where the works-in-progress cannot reach out to lure me back into the fold. But truth is my subconscious uses this time to assimilate information and strategize my next move. And yes, Sanders says it well: the new environment (vacation destination) feeds the mind by fertilizing the soul.

Enjoy your retreat! I'm relatively new to Columbus. Maybe we can meet for coffee sometime?

Nita said...

@myriteofpassage - Thanks for reminding me that the writing is working on its own while I'm frolicking! Email me at nita@nitasweeney.com about coffee.