Thursday, July 01, 2010


"Three rules for literary success: 1. Read a lot. 2. Write a lot. 3. Read a lot more. 4. Write a lot more." - Robert Silverberg

What if, each September, you still had to write that essay about what you did on your summer vacation? Not taking a vacation? How about an essay on how you spent your summer months? What would you want your essay to include? I'd want mine filled with reading, writing, and revision.

On my summer vacation I'm bringing two projects: Imperfect Endings, a memoir I want to map to see how the author structured the story, and my spiral notebook for writing practice about new ideas on my own memoir. Whether on vacation or at home, I find it helpful to choose specific tasks. If I have a fuzzy intention to "get some writing done," chances are I won't. And, since I'll want to tour and lounge and do other vacationish things besides reading, writing and revision, I'm limiting what I take.

What about you? It's nearly July. How are you going to spend the rest of the summer? If you like, please post a comment below.

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SusanPBaker said...

Nice blog. I'm spending my summer, at least 6 weeks of it anyway, in Mexico. I'm revising my WIP, again, and focusing on my protagonist's voice. I have a legal background and she doesn't. So I'm looking for places where maybe she sounds a little too much like a lawyer!
Happy Writing!
Susan P. Baker