Friday, April 02, 2010

April Means Script Frenzy!!!

"I procrastinate to a point where I'm filled with self-loathing and then I start writing. It's usually a state of self-loathing that gets me going." - Michael Lewis

As any of you who've read my newsletter essays for long know, I'm a big fan of National Novel Writing Month. But did you know there's a corollary for playwrights, screenwriters, and graphic novelists? It's called ScriptFrenzy and, like NaNoWriMo, it's a month-long slog to the finish. In this free, website supported contest, crazy writers from all over the world attempt the nearly impossible. They have 30 days to write 100 scripted pages of a screenplay, stage play, TV show, short film, or graphic novel. If you're worried about the wacky formatting required of the form, never fear, software can be found here! There are also instructions in formatting and a forum of other writers who can help when you get stuck.

While I'm still deep in the revision of last year's NaNo novel and so won't be participating, I'll be cheering on the Scripters. If you plan to give Script Frenzy a try, let me know by a leaving a comment below.

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