Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mac Envy

I learned to word process in 1987 on Word Perfect 4.1 for DOS. PC logic lives deep in my bones. But today, for the first time in twenty years, I felt jealous of a person with a Macintosh laptop. She had a program I wanted and couldn't have, a program just for Macs, a program for which I have yet to find a parallel.

The program, Scrivener, does a lot of what yWriter, the novel writing program I use, does plus a few bits more. And, it has an elegant interface that looks like an actual corkboard. The index cards look like index cards and things move around all WSYWIG and lovely. I was smitten.

Luckily it was just a crush. It passed. I'm not going to go buy a MAC - yet. I still love my IBM thinkpad. But for a few moments today, the earth stood still.

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Shirley said...

Well, if you get this yen hard, come to me and we can swap laptops for a week. I have a cute little iBook that I purchased about 4 years back just to learn what all the Apple fuss was about. Apples are every bit as intuitive as people say they are--for "media" which is another word for "sound and movies and pictures" and NOT another word, when compter people use the word, for "text".

We are a "bi" family--we have a PC desktop and an apple laptop.

Now it's time to upgrade and I am in a quandry--Apple or PC? Here are just a few of the things I am not able to easily/cheaply acquire for my iBook laptop:
--Dragon, speech recognition software. Yes, Apple provides its own; but it's much more expensive on the "used" market and has virtually no reviews.
--HTML editing software
--Adobe Acrobat software
--Internet Explorer (some web sites seem to require this--Cols. Metro Library for example)
--a PDA emulator
--the Microsoft Office package (e.g. Word) is well, a little clunky and not updated.

And there are lots of others. On the other hand Apple has some very nice packages, easy to use and, well, just plain cool.

I'm still undecided.