Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm About Half Done

This post is for everyone who asks, "How's the book coming." Rather than lie, I will simply ask my future readers to checkout Derek Powazek's blog entry "How to Write a Book in Three Easy Steps and kindly note that I am in the painful middle of Step Two.
All the people you've told about your book will now ask you about it when they see you. . . and every time you will get a new knot in your stomach. You will say one thing, and one thing only, when they ask: "I'm about half done." And every time you will rationalize this to be true.
I have not begun smoking, yet. I have not left my husband nor moved across the country. I moved across the country (and back) once before and I don't recommend it. And I have not gotten any new pets. Powazek promises that this step will last three months. He lies. I'm well into my second year. But really. I'm about half done. Really.


Anonymous said...

Funny post, but half done is better than half baked... And I do wish you'd move across the country again, then you'd be nearer to me. Selfish, moi? TC

Nita said...

It's your turn to move across the country to be closer to me! I mean, you visited, but you never actually MOVED here. That would demonstrate your loyalty to our friendship.