Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Writing is Rewriting and Rewriting and . . .

. . . just more [expletive deleted] rewriting it seems. Yesterday I received the thirty edited pages of my memoir, Memorial: Our Last Year on the Links, from Aimee Liu, my advisor through Goddard's MFA program in creative writing. Let's just say I'm glad she doesn't use red ink.

When I first ruffled through the pages and saw her notes, I felt slightly ill. But today, sitting at Stauf's Coffeehouse and reading her comments more closely, I value her opinion. All it means is that there's more work to do. If she's anything like me, her multitude of comments simply means that she can see the possiblities the work offers. Mine must have a ton of promise!

Okay. So I'm committed. I want this book to be good, not just good enough. I'm back at it and ready to do whatever it takes. Curse my ego. Pass the bumglue!

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marth said...

A story quoted by Sol Stein in Stein On Writing: "A.B. Guthrie, Jr. tells the story of a beginner at writing who asked him to criticize his manuscript. The work showed so much promise, was so close to being publishable, that Guthrie prepared a long list of suggested improvements. Three months later, he happened to meet the writer and asked how the manuscript was coming. 'Oh that,' the man said. 'I haven't had time for it. I'm almost finished with a new novel.' Guthrie reported that none of the man's work has ever seen print."
Keep on revising!!! Me, too.