Monday, September 11, 2006

Theme Songs

My latest secret weapon is music. When I get to the coffeehouse and I'm all settled in, laptop on, edit pages out, ready to rock and roll, I put on my headphones and point my mouse to the instrumentals from Firedance that I downloaded onto my computer from a CD.

Firedance has a strong drum line, a punchy Celtic rhythm, and the tempo increases incrementally throughout some of the songs. As soon as I hear the first few chords, my feet are tapping and my fingers begin to dance on the keyboard. I also have several CD's of Bach Adagios and some Beethoven to turn to when I want a different pace.

A friend told me about this technique several years ago, but it didn't make sense at the time. I thought I needed silence. Now, when I point media player to Firedance, my writing juices begin to flow!

What's your theme song?


Manic Momma said...

Bolero. Yep. Gotta have Bolero.

Anonymouse said...

Um. Manic Momma? We're talking about writing here - correct?

lorie said...

Vivaldi's Four Seasons--I relied on that all the way through grad school. Still put it in when I know I have to concentrate.