Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Enneagram Builds Character(s)

I'm feverishly working on a "short paper" for my first semester in Goddard's MFA program. Since personality typing systems have intrigued me for years, I decided to focus on using one in writing.

I chose the Enneagram, a nine point system which includes many different levels of health and integration because of it's dynamic nature. Not only can an author use the Enneagram to create a character, the flexibility built into the Enneagram allows an author to track a consistent arc of character development.

As with most of my brilliant ideas, I found that somebody else had "my" brainstorm first! There's even software available. To learn more, check out Judith Searle's book, The Literary Enneagram: Characters from the Inside Out, and Character Pro 5. Software. Searle provides a short essay on the nine personality types and examples of characters, actors and their Enneagram types at


Rena said...

I know this is an older post but i see your blog is still active... what is your Enneagram type? And did you find it helpful in your writing? I have an Enneagram blog and I'm just curious. :-)

Nita said...

@Rena. I'm a 9w1 sx/sp. I've found the Enneagram helpful in both developing characters in fiction and in understanding my own aversions, interests, and strengths. Your blog looks interesting!

Rena said...

I added your blog link to my site- I'm trying something new and catagorizing them by the authors' Enneagram type. :-)

Nita said...

Thanks for linking my blog, Rena!