Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Title Woes

I'm thinking of changing the title of the memoir about my father's last year. At the Columbus Writer's Conference, an editor told us, "The title should sell; the subtitle should tell." I'm not sure Memorial: Our Last Year on the Links, meets that standard.

Here are some of my other title ideas:

  • Memorial: a Father, a Daughter, and a Whole Bunch of Sand Traps
  • Sand Traps: a Daughter's Memory of her Dad's Last Year
  • The Chaparral Golf Club Curse
  • The Final Round: Dad's Last Year on the Links
  • Putting Out
  • Playing Through
Which one do you like best? Have any other ideas? Please share! The publisher will ultimately have the last word on this, but if we come up with something brilliant, they might go for it.


Waterfall said...

I like your original title best, and the "Final Round" title second best.

I like having "Links" in there because that title would cause me to do a double take--"That's interesting. I wonder what she means by 'links'?" I would be more likely to pick the book up because the title had sparked my curiosity.

Dan (keerlon@yahoo.com) said...

I'm not sure I can come up with a better title, but you might want to avoid that "Putting Out." With a title, you can't control how people would pronounce each word. "Putting Out" could be misconstrued as a...ahem...sexual reference. (e.g., "If I buy her an expensive dinner, will I get lucky by her putting out for me tonight?")

Anonymouse said...

OHMIGOD! (she said blushing). Thanks Dan! I didn't think about the double entendre. Um. Perhaps "playing through" could be so contrued as well. I think it better be removed from the list too.

christy said...

Does this mean I can steal Putting Out? I think it works for mine :D