Monday, August 21, 2006

Peer Pressure is Awesome Awesome Awesome!

I actually hate the word "Awesome," but this weekend was, well, Awesome!

Last year, I rented Spring Hollow "Lodge" at Sharon Woods Metropark (it's called a lodge, but there are no facilities for "lodging") for a writing workshop to be held this past weekend. Mid-June, I began having second thoughts. Not only would I rather be writing, I was going to be so busy with MFA work that I doubted I'd have time to adequately prepare.

Instead of offering the class, I asked my writer friends if any of them might want to join me for a weekend "Writeth-On." Many showed interest. Eight women (nine including me) showed up. As I said, it was awesome!

We had two rooms. The big "conference" room served as the quiet work space. We each had a large table and a window view. The second room which is a living/kitchen area functioned as the eating and chatting space. Double doors separate the two areas.

From 8AM to 8PM Saturday and from 8AM to 4PM Sunday, we worked and worked and worked. I wish I had taken photos of us all with our laptops and printers, meditation cushions and yoga mats. One woman brought her office chair from home. Most of the time the only sounds were the clicking of laptop keys and the chirping of birds. Did I say it was Awesome?

I certainly hope to repeat this "Awesome" adventure. Have you created a writing retreat for you and your friends? If so, tell me about it. If not, when will yours be?

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