Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Feeling Lucky?

According to Richard Wiseman, a professor at Britain's University of Hertfordshire, You Make Your Own Luck.

Professor Wiseman, ". . . has conducted some experiments which indicate to him that we have a lot more influence on our own good fortune than we realize," an article posted on explains.

Wiseman lists four principles for "making" yourself lucky: 1. Act on opportunities that happen to you by "chance;" 2. Listen to your hunches; 3. Expect good fortune, and; 4. Learn effective coping skills. Bottom line according to Wiseman, outgoing optimists have more "luck."

But I'm an introverted, pessimistic writer, you say. How can I spin this straw into gold?

By just showing up. Show up to the page. Show up at a writer's group. Show up at a conference. If an agent or an editor calls, show up by simply answering the phone! If you're not there to push the pen or heed the call, someone else will be.


desparate and dateless said...

Does this mean if I show up at a bar a man will appear?

Anonymouse said...

Ahah! Business opportunity. Dating service for writers!