Thursday, April 27, 2006


TCI, a writer friend, told me yesterday what to do with the enormous book project I am lost in. She suggested labelling each little section (scene, summary, musing) with an endnote. If I go through the whole thing [300 pages or more at this point] and create an endnote every so often, at the end of the document I'll have a little roadmap. When I start to move things around, I won't feel so lost. Each endnote will move too.

Perhaps the true secret isn't bum glue after all. It's endnotes. Of course. I'll need bumglue to sit down and do the endnote process. Okay. So now we're back to bumglue.

I tell you. It is truly the secret of writing.

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TCI said...

Good for Frederick! While muses are usually considered female (WHY?) in these transgendered times, we writers can't be too picky about our sources of inspiration.

He sounds a bit Germanic too. I wonder why?